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Oh beautiful cloth adorn me!

These scarves, shawls and cloths are unique, hand made and only one of a kind, every shawl is different.  They are so versatlie !

Wrap to cover nose and mouth in when in crowded places, as people have for centuries.

Pull over your back against the cold, the dirty seat or to shield your feeding baby, mother or child.

Sit down on it, on your yoga mat, your sofa or your for your picnic outdoors.

Dry yourself quickly - your hands after washing (use the corners), your whole body tied round your waist after a dip in the sea..

Abigail loves these cloths having done all of the above. They can be your most distinctive boardroom shout out, making even your daily outfit look peng.

Each of these  unique cloths has been made from pure natural materials, decorated by hand, and bought fairly from the artisan by Abigail.

Choose carefully your own unique accessory, one that will hold your memories for many years to come.

Now just add your life !