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Learning, Making & Being.

 At Abigail's you can ( v soon) join an online class to learn new skills and make new friends.

We also ( will soon ) have "wardrobe explosion" sessions  where you can learn more about the clothes you have chosen for your wardrobe.

You can up your self image by learning how to alter them so that they fit you better.

You will also learn how to love them more and also what you don't want in your wardrobe anymore.

In our community we invite you to look good and feel great.

We are happy to take you on a learning and skilling journey, making friends along the way, including with yourself.

After all, the world of fashion has finally burst open.

I have worked on this for 35 years.

Listen to my interview earlier this year and find out why I do what I do.

As of today you can buy my book here  - access to online learning coming v soon